Grand Hotel Europe celebrates its 140 Anniversary!

Grand Hotel Europe, celebrated its 140 Anniversary in January of 2015.

Grand Hotel Europe is one of the best hotels in Russia, its unique accommodations set it part from the rest. The hotels historic rooms feature great views with a historic décor, the historic suite are individually themed and carry names such as Dostoevsky and Marrinsky. To celebrate their 140 Anniversary, the hotel unveiled brand new Avant-Garde suites, just like the historic suites, each one is individually themed and have names such as Malevich and Kadinsky.

They also unveiled Europe’s largest Presidential suite, at 3767 square feet, the suite features, a gold-leaf ceiling, 2 marble bathrooms, its own fitness center, game room and library. Click here to find out more about the suite.

The hotel is currently offering 140th anniversary special, offering 14% off on any hotel stay over 2 nights and for those interested in staying in a Historic or Avant-Garde suite, the hotel is offering 20% of their stay.

You can check out the photos from the anniversary party here.

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